Paying People Right at Basecamp

I just read a blog post on Signal vs. Noise, the official blog of Basecamp, that resonates with me and so I wanted to share.

The title of the piece is "Basecamp doesn’t employ anyone in San Francisco, but now we pay everyone as though all did"

Here's a quote that resonated with me:

"Do better than what you can get away with. Do more than the bare minimum. Don’t wait for the pressure to build. Don’t wait for the requests to mount. The best time to take a step forward is right now."

David, one of the cofounders of Basecamp, is referring to not only making changes to their pay system, but in running a business or living your life. Don't wait. The time is now. It is always now. 

And back to pay for a second, what I really like about Basecamp's approach to pay is that it's transparent and fair. And by fair, I mean that it's easily understood, it's consistent, and it's meaningful. It's "right".

When I worked at Simple, our pay philosophy was "simple".

Pay people right.

There is depth in that statement. There are levels of what it means to pay right. I'll dive into some more of what I mean by "pay people right" in future blog posts.


Endings Are New Beginnings

Sometimes letting go of the past and embracing the future is difficult. It's easy to remember fondly of the past achievements and accomplishments and wistfully dream of lives already lived. 

Turning forward and embracing what's next is energizing though. It's time to let go of some past things and move forward boldly. It feels good. Here's to 2018. A year of new possibilities. 

LWHRA Chapter Meeting Followup

They do a really nice lunch spread at the LWHRA Chapter meetings

They do a really nice lunch spread at the LWHRA Chapter meetings

I really enjoyed the LWHRA Chapter meeting today. The presenters, Jim Hessler and Steve Motenk, from The Boss Show were fantastic.

They jumped right into audience questions based on a prompt they gave everyone as we walked into the door. "What is one thing that you find perplexing about: working with teams, working with people, or working with your boss?"

Weirdly, my question was picked first and it sparked a lively discussion. I asked something along the lines of "Why do people sometimes, from my perspective, make choices that are against their best interests." and then I wrote "Willful ignorance" at the end. 

So yeah, it was meant to be a bit provocative.

And let me explain.

I wanted to explore the idea that the way we perceive people's actions is highly dependent on our own point of view and perspective. The only way we can learn about why someone does what they do, is to ask! We can't read minds. Well, at least I can't. If you've figure that one out, get in touch with me, I'd love to talk. 

And the last bit on willful ignorance was purposely put there to see how people would react. It got some laughs and some groans. I absolutely didn't mean to imply that people choose to ignore facts or chose to be ignorant. What I meant is that people have to be willing to engage with you in a conversation. You can't force a meaningful conversation to happen. And sometimes, people chose to disengage or not engage at all. The old saying "ignorance is bliss" comes to mind. You have to meet people where they are. You can't force someone to go where they don't want to go. 

I look forward to the next Chapter meeting on January 9 2018.

It's almost 2018

It's almost 2018

Maybe I'll see you there!


Check out their  podcast . They are really funny and insightful. They had great chemistry together brining in psychology and business perspectives.

Check out their podcast. They are really funny and insightful. They had great chemistry together brining in psychology and business perspectives.

New Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Offerings

Paradigm, another company that I deeply admire and respect, just posted some new links to downloadable content to assist in your organizations' DEI efforts. They posted the following:

  • "Growth Mindset at Work" video,
  • "Growth Mindset at Work" PDF
  • "Managing Unconscious Bias" PDF

Go grab these and add them to your toolkit.

Visit Paradigm's home page and scroll down to the bottom. 

Paradigm has my highest recommendation!

Finding Mastery Podcast

I love finding a new podcast. Usually it's "new to me" so I have a backlog of episodes to power through. I found one today and wanted to share. 

The Finding Mastery Podcast is very conversational, informative and inspiring. I picked up on Episode 90 where Michael Gervais speaks with Victoria's Secret CEO Jan Singer on Authenticity, Confidence, Control today and now I'm going to go back and start with Episode 1. 



Rewards NW 2018

Rewards NW returns to Portland on September 20, 2018. This is the 3rd Rewards NW event, the first one happened in 2014 in Portland and then again in 2016 in Seattle with a record attendance of over 270 rewards professionals. 

If you're located in the Pacific Northwest I highly recommend attending. There are two tracks with sessions on all areas of Total Rewards: compensation, benefits, performance, work-life and more.